OpenBinacle® Pay

A borderless payment platform and financial technology solution that enables our users and businesses to send and receive payments across borders seamlessly.

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A borderless payment platform for any bank account anywhere in the world.

OpenBinacle® Pay, a borderless payment platform, is a financial technology solution that enables OBMeet® and OBTranslate® users or merchants to make payment and withdrawal transactions seamlessly across different countries and currencies, using any bank account.

With the integration of the Pan-African Payment and Settlement System (PAPSS) API, OpenBinacle® Pay aims to eliminate the traditional barriers associated with cross-border payments, such as high fees, delays, and the need for multiple currency conversions.

Our multi-currency platform provides OBMeet® and OBTranslate® users or merchants with robust tools that allow them to keep track of payment transactions, payment requests and invoices with notifications on their email.


  • Payments in the available currencies of your multi-currency account.
  • Automatically swaps currencies at the real exchange rate.
  • Reduction in transaction costs compared to traditional banking.
  • Fast and efficient transactions.
  • Integration with multiple banks.
  • Security and compliance.
  • Real-time tracking and notifications.


  • A valid ID card or international passport is required to identify you.
  • Get a local bank account, so you can transact ordinary local payments.

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Fraud Detection and Prevention

We utilize OpenBinacle's AI algorithms to analyze transaction patterns and identify anomalies that may indicate fraudulent activity. Our machine learning models continuously learn from transaction data to enhance the platform's ability to detect and prevent fraud in real time.

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Data Security and Privacy

We leverage OpenBinacle's AI tools to analyze user behavior, transaction history, and preferences to offer personalized recommendations and insights.

We have implemented OpenBinacle's AI-driven solutions for data encryption, anomaly detection, and intrusion prevention to enhance the overall security of the platform. We Utilize our AI to monitor and identify potential security threats, providing proactive responses to mitigate risks.

Our AI algorithms can streamline and automate compliance processes, ensuring that the platform adheres to regulatory requirements in different regions. Our financial technology enhances Know Your Customer (KYC) processes using OpenBinacle AI to efficiently verify user identities while maintaining a high level of security.

Our AI-based risk management tools can assess the risk associated with each transaction and user profile.

How It Works

1. Register for free.

Sign up online for free. All you need is an email address, telephone number or a business name.

2. Verify your identity.

For some currencies, or for large transfers to users bank account, we need a photo of your ID.

3. Payment Wallet

Our wallet allows you to receive automated or generated payment orders and request from users.

4. Send Money

Send or receive payment with ease, keep track of payment transactions, requests, and invoices.

5. Earn Commission

Earn points when you send or receive cash from recipients account, you could earn upto $1.00.

6. That's it

We'll handle the rest. You can track your transfer in your account, and we'll inform the recipient.

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A borderless payment platform for any bank account anywhere in the world.

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We're available in over 91 countries, and we add new currencies all the time.

The Multi-Currency Wallet

With OpenBinacle® Pay, you can remit money in your multi-currency account.

Our users can hold over 100 currencies and can exchange them with each other within seconds - whenever the exchange rate seems convenient.

With us, you always get the real exchange rate and the low, transparent fees we are known for.

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Automation of Compliance Processes

We employ AI-driven predictive analytics to forecast currency exchange rate movements and market trends and Implement AI to streamline and automate compliance processes, ensuring that the platform adheres to regulatory requirements in different regions.


Predictive Analytics for Market Trends

OpenBinacle® Pay borderless payment platform can improve its operational efficiency, and also deliver a more secure, personalized, and user-friendly experience to customers worldwide.

Regularly we update and improve our AI models to stay ahead of emerging trends and challenges in the global financial landscape.