Introducing OpenBinacle's state-of-the-art AI systems, NMT/GPT-1

We are investing in research, education, and training to ensure that the next generation of AI researchers, practitioners, and users have the skills and knowledge to work with OpenBinacle's "Machine Translation and Generative AI".

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OBTranslate® also known as "OpenBinacle Translate", is a deep learning, CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tool, neural machine translation (NMT) and Generative (AI) artificial intelligence platform for languages. A registered trademark and subsidiary of OpenBinacle.

The goal of automatic translation of free-text and documents from foreign languages into African languages (or between any two languages) is one of the oldest pursuits of artificial intelligence research in OpenBinacle. Our community of scientists are exploiting large datasets of translated and monolingual text to learn translation with statistical models, with a current focus on neural models.

We are building strong partnerships with academic institutions in Europe and all 55 countries in Africa, to promote collaborative research in machine translation and artificial intelligence. These partnerships can provide our researchers with access to real-world data and resources, as well as opportunities for technology transfer and commercialization of research findings. This can also help academic institutions attract top talent and secure funding for research projects.

We simply want most (spoken or written) languages to talk to each other seamlessly. We are building neural machine translation, Generative AI, and other innovative platforms, that could enable self driving cars, speaker devices, smartphones, humanoid robots and wireless technology to interact with humans in diverse languages.

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Artificial Intelligence & Responsibility

Our research and work involve creating a community-centered, humanistic, and interdisciplinary engagement that benefits all stakeholders, diverse communities, creatives, and researchers around the world.

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Models (NMT/GPT-1/NLP Research)

A decentralized cloud for artificial intelligence. Releasing v1 of OpenBinacle GPT-1 and NMT

Our neural machine translation (MT/GPT-1) platform is optimized on over 2 billion tokens, which could surpass most 100B+ parameter models in classification. Our GPT-1 is formed and trained with a decentralised algorithm with an interconnection of 1 Gbps, contrary to the typical data centre networks of 100Gbps-1.6Tbps.

We are working hard to bring computation power together to support the open models ecosystem, while developing decentralized training algorithms for heterogeneous GPU hardwares connected over slow (1Gbps) internet links. We are building state-of-the-art models that are much larger, that can outperforms many 100B+ parameter models on classification benchmarks. Training foundation models, such as GPT and MT can be extremely expensive, often involving tens of thousands of GPUs running continually for months and even years.

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Artificial Intelligence in Communication & Education

OBMeet® AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data about a person's learning patterns, interests, and performance to personalize the learning experience.

OBMeet, the NextGen video conferencing & messaging platform, that empowers you to connect with the people in your life and work from anywhere. It's built for both one-on-one, group conversations and works wherever you go. With OBMeet, users can make HD video and video conference call with 250 or more number of people on group chat participation, mixed locally to minimize latency.

OBMeet AI-powered tools can make communication and education more accessible to people in rural, urban areas and to people with disabilities. For example, our voice translation and speech recognition platform can help individuals who are blind or have low vision to interact with digital content, and its natural language processing technology can help those with speech impairments to communicate more effectively.

OBMeet® can help save time and resources in both communication and education. Its AI-powered virtual assistants can help educators manage administrative tasks, and automated messaging systems can streamline communication between businesses and their customers.

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Product Overview

The OBMeet products classified in the overall category are similar in many regards and help individuals, companies or government institutions of all sizes solve their problems.


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Start or join your next online meeting or audio conferencing session.
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Start your video webinar in minutes. Quickly turn conference rooms into collaboration centers.
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Content creators can start video conference, chat and stream live to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and more.
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Start a conversation and authoritative presence, chat and stream live to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and more.
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Reduce the cost for education and collaborate with schools to boost performance.
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Customer Support - Chatbot
Manage conversations, video conferencing and build customer relationships - all from your website.
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As Hologram, in Augmented Reality - AR meeting.
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Content creators can start video conference, chat and stream live to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and more.
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Simply dial your caller number and start talking, your call partner will hear your conversation in his or her preferred language in real time. Also, you can convert recorded calls into written words.

Careers at OpenBinacle

Developing responsible AI and communication technology that provides universal access to all knowledge and languages, requires all stakeholders, including diverse communities, creatives, and researchers from around the world.

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